Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ten top tips to a healthier Life

Have you tried every crazy diet, promised yourself that Monday is the day you will start your healthier life? Well I have some news, you and millions of people around the world are doing just that every Monday. Like Albert Einstein says “Insanity is - Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, but we continue to tell ourselves I’ll start Monday!
“Health” is not about starvation, denial or long workouts at the gym, “Health” is about living life to the full, being energised and feeling fantastic.
It not about a number on the scale or fitting into those “skinny” clothes you keep in the wardrobe just case you lose some weight. 

I am passionate about holistic health which encompasses the whole person. The human body is complex and amazing in its abilities to balance and heal itself, keep this in mind you when you consider making changes to a healthier lifestyle.  decide what those choices might be for you. If you are positive and willing you are more likely to succeed.

Here are my top 10 tips to a healthier life

1. Attitude  – What do you really think about changing to a healthier lifestyle 
If you think that being healthy means depriving or starving yourself and painful exercise, then you’re
doomed from the start. It’s all in your attitude and your thoughts create your perception. Firstly you need to decide if you really want to make healthier choices and secondly you need set yourself realistic guidelines and stay positive......remember one day at a time.

       2. Motivation – What are your reasons? There are many reasons for living a healthier lifestyle, increased energy levels, looking and feeling younger and more vibrant, reduced stress levels, releasing endorphins that make you “feel good” and reducing your risk of diseases are just some that come to mind. Improving your health whatever challenges you have now, is possible, just remember small steps. Choose at least two reasons that are really important to you and make a visual board or add motivational digital picture to desktop or phone. You can use pictures and words that relate to those reasons. Whatever you choose, board or a digital visual, make sure you can see it every day, this will help keep you motivated when you start to lose your drive.

      3. Inspiration – What inspires you? Inspiration comes from many places, it is important to find something or someone that really inspires you to become healthier. Also just as important is to make it relevant to you, if you enjoy meditation and walking on the beach then don’t choose a muscle bound gym junkie as your inspiration, pick the Dalai Lama. Remember if they can do it you can too. Find a way to keep that inspiration in the forefront of you mind.

          4. Fun – What fun activities could you do? Your body needs to move to be healthy, with this in mind, ask yourself what could I choose that would be FUN. There are endless activities you could do, from going for a walk to skiing down a mountain, learning to dance or taking up yoga, throwing a Frisbee or dusting off your roller blades, kayaking, bike riding, team sport, running, tennis or golf.  Whatever you choose, make sure it’s appropriate for your health level, you don’t want to trip at the first hurdle so to speak.
           5. Creativity – What is your creative outlet, what do you do to nurture your creativity?  This is key to maintaining good mental health. It is my belief that a healthy mind creates a healthy body. From writing to painting, scrap booking, building models and sculpture or whatever takes your fancy, doing more is healthier.  If you don’t have a creative outlet may I suggest exploring different activities to find something you enjoy.  

           6. Focus – What keeps you focused?  Keeping you focus is the most challenging of all, there are little tricks you can use to maintain your vision of a healthier lifestyle. How do you want to feel? How do you see yourself when you are healthier? Have a vision and create something that continually reminds you of your goal. It can be pictures, words, affirmations or music. It can even be an elastic band on your wrist that you can thwack every time you are tempted to stray from your goals. I recently saw Anna Mears (Cycling Olympic Gold Medallist) speak at a conference. Anna spoke about focus and one little trick she used was “Chocolate” her one weakness. Anna self imposed a ban on chocolate in her preparation leading up to the Games. Every time she craved chocolate she would ask herself “how much do you really want to be the best? “This kept her focus on the goal.
    7. Perception – Do you really think you can be healthier? What does being healthy mean to you? Everyone has their own reality created by their perception of the world, and it is the same for health. How do you see yourself? We all have different genetics, some good some not so good.  It is important that your perception of yourself is a positive one, as this is an important key to success, not only in becoming healthier but also in life.  Write a list of 10 positive things about you including your body, this sound easy but some may find it difficult.
         8. Support – Do you have support? It is necessary to have a support system in place to achieve your goals. Everyone’s needs are different. What type of support do you need? It could be anything from a conversation with a friend or relative once a month,  maybe you could get a personal trainer or join an online chat or support group. Find support that suits you.

           9. Celebration – Enjoy the moment and stop looking at the past or future. I believe in the 80/20 rule, eighty percent good and twenty percent not so good, don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon at some point. Celebrate your life, enjoy every day and admire the beauty in nature, connect with others, take time to be grateful for what you have. 

       10. Success –Do you consider yourself successful? We are all successful but we rarely acknowledge our achievements because we are either focusing on the past or what’s next.  We can sometimes get overwhelmed when looking at the big picture. I find breaking down your goals to smaller one helps, you will feel more successful. I have a  challenge for you, write down your top five major achievements in your life so far, and then your top five in the last year followed by the top five this week.  Having trouble? That’s because you are looking at the big picture. I would say there are many achievements that you have mentally disregarded without a thought and they would be different for everyone. Some example might be: that you a thoughtful son or daughter, have you raised children, learnt to read and write, learnt a language, are you a great cook, can you fix mechanical items, you are a great friend, you get the idea. Health can be broken down into body mind and spirit and each of them broken down into a myriad of choices. If you do this you will feel more successful and this will lead you realising you can achieve your goals. One choice at a time is the secret to success!

Health is more than what we eat it’s a way of life that feels amazing.
Looking back, there have been times in my life when I find that my health had taken a back seat. During those times I see that I was not as happy, defiantly more stressed and suffering from various health symptoms. I understand that life is so much faster these days, however being healthier gives you an ability to cope better when life throws a few curve balls. 
Eat better, move your body, stay connected, laugh more and above all have FUN, your life will be healthier.

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